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right tutor can be a life saver for a student with an academic problem, or for those needing relief from school stress. Conversely, the wrong approach can be expensive and may not get the desired results – and there may only be a small window of time for parents to get it right!

The Tutor A Team Founder

Jim Waldman

Tutor A Team was established by Jim Waldman, President and resident of Chesapeake, after 40 years in educational administration and talking to hundreds of school teachers and parents of children/young adults from all grade levels. The common thread in these conversations is that the right tutor can be a life saver for a student with an academic problem, or for those needing relief from school stress. Conversely, the wrong approach can be expensive and may not get the desired results – and there may only be a small window of time for parents to get it right!

Jim often deals with the question of finding the right tutor, both for students who struggle and those who are looking to get ahead. Tutor A Team is not exclusively for the student who is behind in his studies. Many parents request tutoring for their honor roll students who want to exceed expectations, pass their SATs with a high score, and be positioned for a college scholarship at a top-rated college or university – and also as a stress-reliever for the hard working student.

Jim is an Army veteran and proud to collaborate with military families to support their children.

our team

Members who support our success


Carter Esch

Dr. Carter Esch, M.Sc., Ph.D., is the Tutoring Team Coordinator and a veteran tutor with Tutor A Team. Carter works with tutors and families to ensure a “just right” fit for the student’s continued success.

She also checks in periodically with families to ensure the student is making progress and address any questions or needs the family may have. Carter is committed to our students and passionate about their growth!

Read Carter’s recent article in Tidewater Family:  The Right Tutor

VP, administration

Joan Waldman

Joan Waldman is the Vice President of Tutor A Team and Jim’s wife of 56 years. In addition to taking client phone calls, Joan handles the invoicing of clients and the payments for our tutors.

She is meticulous and hardworking, and has kept the administrative end of Tutor A Team together for many years.

In memory of

Dr Sam Leary

Dr. Sam Leary was a dear friend and colleague who worked to build and support Tutor A Team with Jim.

Sam was a retired principal from Chesapeake City Schools who maintained his passion for education. He was an avid history buff who never stopped learning and teaching. Sam passed away unexpectedly in June of 2019.

His contributions to Tutor A Team are immeasurable, and he is greatly missed.

“Tutoring can be expensive, but it is a necessary expense. The concerned parent understands that the student’s future depends on what happens in his/her school years and, when the approach works, then the money is well spent. It is truly an investment in the student’s future.”

The One-On-One Difference

The vast majority of teachers and parents agree that the best and most accommodating method to provide tutoring to a student is on a one-on-one basis at the kitchen table!

There are many alternatives available to the parent/student, but nothing has proven to work better and be more cost effective than the one-on-one approach without distractions.

Group sessions, even just two, three, or four students with one tutor, can only be truly effective for one of the students at any given time. “Mind-wandering” or lack of relevant material will be a distraction to the other students. In addition, group tutoring rarely leaves time for the tutor to work with the child in an essential area – the homework.

Finding the Right Tutor, Every Time

How does Jim match every child with a tutor suited to his or her individual needs? The decision is based on several factors: the age or grade level of the student, general academic school performance, outside interests, the parents’ availability to assist, and many other factors such as ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning difficulties. 

These issues are generally addressed with the Tutor A Team specialist at the first in-home meeting with the parent(s). Tutor A Team has many tutors who are certified to work with students with a variety of special needs, including those with identified learning disabilities, medical conditions such as ADD/ADHD, those identified as gifted, and those stuck in a cycle of underachievement. Tutor A Team is committed to recommending the RIGHT tutor for your child’s learning needs.

Our Strategy

Begin with Homework

A crucial part of our tutor’s work with your child is to tackle the current homework assignments. If we do great work in our first session but don’t immediately touch the homework, then the student goes back into the classroom without feeling confident that he/she is making progress. With many tutoring services, the student’s homework is set aside in favor of general lessons and review, especially in group settings where the personal time per student is limited. 

At Tutor A Team, we take the opposite approach.  We start by helping the student tackle current homework, and then we prepare for the work ahead. In our approach, the student returns to the very next class with the homework completed and an understanding of the material. The result of this plan is a relaxed and confident student who is then motivated to move on to the new material with the class.

This is what our happy clients are saying!

Tutor a team helped my soon to be second grader get back on track! He started in the 7% percentile for reading at the beginning of summer and by the end he was at grade level, and even answering some third grade questions. Worth every penny !!!read more
Lindsey Rose Lockwood
13:05 10 Aug 19
The formula used to select the best tutor for my child’s class subjects and needs is great. Professional and polite staff/tutors come to my home. My child learns in a safe and comfort environment. The extra support provided by our tutor is exactly what my child needs to be successful. Tutor A Team is worth their weight in gold!!read more
Amber Grant
13:23 17 Nov 17
Our tutor was patient and helpful. Would highly recommend Tutor A Team! They were easy to work with and attentive to our needs.
Anne Kelly
11:10 27 Jul 17
Great tutors unfortunately my daughter just dislikes math lol.
Cathy Emerick
20:32 25 Jul 17
My son worked with an A+Team tutor, who was actually his former teacher, and she was very patient with him. This is a great group of people! My son has made tons of progress and enjoyed the sessions. Thank you 🙂 P.S. They also give world class customer service. read more
Lisa Curtis
19:32 25 Jul 17
Great help, got me through calc2!
Ronald Shilling
15:02 24 Jul 17
Tutor A Team is a professional organization! We have utilized their services for 2 years and the results have been excellent. Their tutors really know how to work with kids. We needed evening appointments due to our high school student sports schedule and they worked with us more
Kay Carpineti
15:34 22 Jul 17
This tutoring service is not in the same category as other tutoring services. The tutors are professionals. Jim and Sam went above and beyond to find the right tutor for my daughter. If you want a babysitting service, look elsewhere. If your purpose is to get your child or teenager a qualified educator to help them with their goals, Tutor A Team is the place to more
John Fitzgerald
19:32 21 Jul 17
I was extremely satisfied with the tutoring services provided by Tutor A Team. I was particularly impressed with the attention to detail given by Jim Waldman when initially pairing my daughter up with her tutor. Which, was a perfect match. Chris Tucker was amazing with her....she went on to make honor roll all year, which is a first for her. Thank you Tutor A Team!read more
Nikki Ogle Burris
13:31 21 Jul 17
My high schooler had an excellent experience being tutored in Honors Physics and AP Calculus. He also received SAT prep that was very helpful. Would highly recommend!
Sharon Chay
03:26 21 Jul 17
Excellent tutor. Professional. Just the right amount of prep - not too much in addition to the schoolwork load (AP and other classes). So appreciated in-home one-on-one attention. Score increased 110 points. Very more
Kim Horton Whitfield
03:06 21 Jul 17
Amazing experience! My daughter Junior had a C in trigonometry before A Team and brought the grade up to an A!My freshman daughter had an F in Algebra 1 and was able to get the grade up to a C! Tutor A Team worked around my kids busy schedule and spent the time to ensure they learned the skills needed to become more proficient in both classes! I give the a 110%!!!read more
Herman Green
01:32 21 Jul 17
Great experience with Jim and his team. They are working with my son on SAT prep and he's learning a lot and gaining confidence!
Stacy Wrucke Eslich
20:25 20 Jul 17
Wonderful experience. Very professional and friendly. I requested help at the concerns of my son's teacher which I didn't see and neither did his tutor. But I hired the tutor anyways. It only exceeded him . Thanks Jim Waldenread more
DeBorah Debbie Curtis Parrish
20:25 20 Jul 17
Last year my daughter struggled with math, algebra to be exact. She has always had a hard time in math. This math deficit caused her to not want to do any of her school work. This year has been different from the others though. Since my daughter started receiving help from your wonderful tutors, Mr Christopher Tucker and Mrs Dorothy Zinn my daughter has been an A B student in all of her classes. And we couldn't be happier. Algebra 1 part 1 final grade more
Tammy Randall
13:41 23 Jan 15
This month celebrates my 5th year as a tutor with Jim Waldman and company. I have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute. He is a pleasure to work for, and really cares about the kids we are hired to more
Betsy Smith
17:16 16 Dec 13
I couldn't offer enough positive reviews or references for Jim Waldman and his entire "TEAM"! They were able to start a tutoring schedule with my high school student in the late spring, within two days of my first inquiry! Then the billing process is simple, well explained and easy to take care of. The quality of the tutor him self, and his follow up through out the summer and into this year has been professional and sincere! Thank you Tutor A Team for a job well done!Rev Guillread more
James Guill
18:51 04 Oct 13

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